Humanitarian Assistance Unit

The Humanitarian Assistance Unit of the ACU is responsible for delivery of humanitarian aid to families despite their ethnicity, politics, or sectarian grouping. The ACU coordinates the delivery of assistance through donors of humanitarian assistance – local and international NGOs as well as Local Coordination Councils. The Humanitarian Assistance Unit delivers assistance to those in need with the goal of providing the greatest benefit with the limited resources.

This unit partners with Information Management Unit personnel in the field and with relief organizations to produce a clear “Relief Map” that pinpoints geographical regions and their most urgent needs. The Humanitarian Assistance Unit coordinates its efforts with a large group of humanitarian relief organizations in order to reach the needs of more than a million Syrian citizens.

The Humanitarian Assistance Unit is made up of 3 parts:

  1. Cross border/cross line Operations Team – the operational arm of the Humanitarian Assistance Unit responsible for delivering aid directly to beneficiaries. It works to facilitate the entrance of assistance from organizations and countries stored in storage facilities throughout Syria with a goal of covering the areas most in need of assistance.
  2. Health Team – provides support to ensure the continuation of operations in primary health care facilities and the provision of adequate stocks of medicine to meet the needs of citizens. The team also coordinates with active medical providers on the ground to establish an epidemiological surveillance system, which enables the early identification of diseases such as measles, typhoid or cholera and allows for a rapid response to reduce the risk of spread.
  3. Camps Team – manages camps, refugees, and those residing in those camps to fulfill their basic needs and maintain acceptable living conditions. The team recently conducted a complete overhaul of 12 refugee camps inside Syria.
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