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Friday, 02 October 2015 17:14

1,549 People Killed by Assad Regime in September, Including 223 Children

A report prepared by the Syrian Coalition’s media office shows that 1,549 people, including 223 children and 152 women, were killed by the Assad regime backed by Russia and Iran during September, in addition to 50 more killed under torture in Assad’s prisons.

The report shows that 52% of the victims were recorded in Rural Damascus and Aleppo, with 462 and 349 people killed in these two provinces respectively.

A 17% increase in the number of victims was reported after the Russian military intervention, while the ratio of children killed rose by 27% since then. The ratio of women killed also rose by 24% since Russia began launching airstrikes in Syria.

In August, meanwhile, 1,852 people were killed by regime attacks on rebel-held areas, mostly using rockets and barrel bombs. The victims included 214 children, 172 women, and 57 detainees killed under torture. (Source: Syrian Coalition)