Tuesday, 14 May 2019 19:43

Akidat Tribe Speaks Up Against PYD Violations in Deir Ezzor

Leaders of one of the largest tribes in Syria called on the international anti-ISIS coalition to exercise pressure on the militia of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) to stop their violations against civilians in the areas east of the Euphrates River. They also demanded the immediate release of the detainees in the PYD’s custody and to allow people held in IDP camps, especially women, children and the elderly, to leave.

The calls were made in a statement issued following a meeting that brought together leaders and dignitaries of the Al-Akidat tribe in the town of Al-Shuhail in rural Deir Ezzor on Monday. The meeting was held in response to the death of many townsmen at the hands of the PYD militia.

According to Deir Ezzor 24 news network, the aim of the meeting was to take a unified position of the PYD repeated violations in the province and to make their voices heard to the international anti-ISIS coalition. The meeting addressed the issue of the PYD-controlled local councils and their rampant corruption as the statement called for allowing peaceful demonstrations in the region.

The statement said that the PYD militia were submitting “malicious reports” to the international anti-ISIS coalition in which the PYD militia asked the coalition forces to bomb purely civilian areas, which led to the deaths of dozens of innocent civilians.

The statement stressed the need to annex the areas west of the Euphrates to those in the east and force the Iranian and Russian militias out of the region. It also stressed that the Akidat tribesmen stand ready to work with the international coalition forces in this regard as they possess the military, political, security and administrative capabilities to do so.

The Deir Ezzor countryside has recently witnessed mass anti-PYD demonstrations in many towns and villages in the region. Demonstrators denounced the PYD violations and the de facto authority they imposed on the local people in the province as well as the rampant PYD’s rampant corruption and mismanagement of the region. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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