Tuesday, 06 August 2019 18:13

Al-Karama Forces Accuse Assad of Allowing ISIS into Swaida

The forces of Sheikh al-Karama in the province of Suwaida on Monday accused the Assad regime of allowing ISIS militants into the province with the help of the Russian forces. The forces said that the move is aimed at threatening the security of civilians and pressuring them into accepting forced settlement with the regime.

In a statement on Monday, the forces of Sheikh al-Karama said that the Assad regime is putting increasing pressure on the people of Swaida province by seeking to destabilize the province, using for this purpose agents and people working with its security forces.

The statement pointed to other means by which the regime is seeking to achieve its goals, including starvation and impoverishment of the people of Swaida. It attributed the extremely high cost of living to the occupation states’ stealing of the country’s resources and economic assets.

Moreover, the forces of Sheikh al-Karama said they would not give up their weapons or accept a forced settlement with the regime in return for any offer. It stressed that “the offers being made by the regime only befits the real terrorist who killed, displaced the people and destroyed the country.”

The statement also described as baseless the accusations against the detainees in the prisons of the Assad regime, adding that the real terrorists are still at large and under the watchful eyes of the regime’s corrupt security agencies.

The Swaida 24 news network said that the Assad regime's intelligence services were responsible for arbitrary arrests and the lack of security in the province. It talked about kidnappings, thefts and cutting off of roads by armed groups affiliated with regime forces. (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)

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