Monday, 15 April 2019 16:41

Assad Regime Forces Execute Two Men who Recently Left Al-Rkban Camp

Local news networks reported that the Assad forces executed two young men who had recently left al-Rukban refugee camp near the Jordanian border to the neighborhood of Deir Baalba in Homs city.

Activist Imad Ghali who stays in al-Rukban refugee camp said that Assad regime forces shot the two young men dead after detaining them upon their arrival at the neighborhood of Deir Baalba.

Ghali pointed out that the Assad forces detained about 20 returnees and took them to an unknown destination.

Dozens of people have recently left al-Rukban camp following months-long blockade by the Assad regime and Russian forces who blocked the delivery of food and medical aid to the camp. Dozens of people have already died as a result of hunger and lack of medical care.

The majority of people in the camp chose to stay in dire humanitarian conditions. The civilian administration of the camp on Tuesday called on the global community not to allow Russia and the Assad regime to solely decide on the fate of the people trapped in the camp.

The administration said that the majority of the people in the camp reject to return to the Assad regime-held areas. It added that the refugees fear arrest and enforced disappearance if they return as the Iranian militias have presence in most of the towns and villages of eastern Homs.

The administration appealed to Washington and the European Union to intervene to protect the people in the camp and not to leave them an easy prey to the Assad regime and its Russian ally. It stressed the need to prevent the Assad regime and Russia from continuing to use food and medicine as a weapon against people in the camp in order to force them to return to the regime-held areas. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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