Saturday, 06 September 2014 22:41

Assad Regime Imposes a Travel Ban on Military-aged Men

The Assad regime has imposed a travel ban on the men aged between 18 and 42 years, and decreed that those who want to travel abroad must acquire the consent of the Division of Recruitment. The decision excludes those who paid exemption money or were exempted for other reasons. The Assad regime has re-activated the decision through the legislative decree No. 104 for 2011 regarding general mobilization, which was decreed upon the outbreak of the revolution. The Assad regime circulated the decree on the airports and border crossings, thus imposing a travel ban on military-aged men who do not have a travel permit issued by the Division of Recruitments. Young Syrian men, especially those who are studying in neighboring countries, objected to this decree because it prevents them from travelling abroad to bring back their official documents. Omar, a Syrian youth, said that “the Assad regime is using the young men as a fuel in the battle for survival, indifferent to their fate or their future." (Source: Agencies)

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