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Monday, 04 February 2019 16:40

Assad Regime Positions & Security Checkpoints in Dara’a Once Again Under Rebel Fire

The Assad regime military and security positions in Dara’a province are once again coming under hit-and-run attacks by rebel fighters who attacked the headquarters of the Air Force Intelligence in the town of Da'el with light weapons. In yet another sign of growing dissent against the Assad regime, photographs of Bashar al-Assad were torn in streets and public markets of the town.

Spokesman for Ahrar Horan rebel group, Abu Mahmoud al-Hourani, told Hourriya Press Network that an unknown gunmen attacked the headquarters of the Air Force Intelligence in the town of Da'el. It was unknown if the attack caused casualties among regime forces.

Al-Hourani added that unknown gunmen also attacked the Majbal checkpoint belonging to Assad forces east of the town of Mahja in rural Dara’a.

On Saturday, ant-regime graffiti was scrawled on the walls of schools in the town of Da'el, with elements of the Assad regime’s military security branch and the Air Force Intelligence responding by deploying dozens of their members in the town.

Last week, the eastern countryside of Dara’a saw a revival of the revolutionary movement. Unknown gunmen attacked an Assad forces checkpoint in the town of Naheta in rural Dara’a with machine guns and RPGs.

In a statement issued on Sunday, the “Popular Resistance” called on Syrian young men to join their ranks to carry on with the revolution against the Assad regime in response to the regime’s breaches of the so-called reconciliation agreements and its failure to honor the promises it gave to people of the province. The “Popular Resistance” also called on the young people in Syria to “carry on with the mission to defend the oppressed and continue the march on the road to freedom for which much blood has been sacrificed as well as people risked imprisonment and endured great deal of suffering.”

The behavior of the Assad regime's forces and security services in Dara’a is causing growing dissent as residents of the province on Tuesday declared civil disobedience in protest to the regime’s forced recruitment of people in the province.

In recent weeks, Dara’a has witnessed the scrawling of new anti-regime on the walls defying the Assad regime and threatening its presence in the province. The revolutionary movement has intensified since last month despite the Assad regime’s tightened grip on the province. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)