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Friday, 16 November 2018 16:23

Assad Regime Violations of Idlib Agreement Continue as Shelling Forces All Residents of Um Jalal Village to Flee

The Assad regime forces are continuing to violate the Idlib agreement as they have further intensified shelling on towns and villages in the province. The Assad regime also continued to violate the forced reconciliation agreements as regime forces detained civilians who agreed to reconcile with the Assad regime.

The local council in the village of Umm Jalal in southern rural Idlib on Thursday said that all residents of the village had to flee the constant shelling by the Assad regime forces on the region.

The head of the local council, Daifallah al-Murr, told Smart News Network that all the village's population of about 9,500 people were forced to seek shelter in neighboring villages to escape the intense daily shelling of the village.

Al-Murr pointed out that the villages fled to the nearby villages of Deir al-Gharbi, Deir Al-Sharqi, Maarashamesha, Maarashamarin, Baboulin, and Taqana. Some villagers are now living in unofficial camps on the outskirts of those villages.

According to the local council, more than 175 rockets and artillery shells pounded the village although it is located inside the demilitarized zone. The council called on all organizations to help the displaced, especially with the onset of winter.

The Syrian Coalition, meanwhile, said that the Assad regime and Iran are seeking to sabotage the Idlib agreement, stressing the importance of preserving the agreement and prevent further violations as well as develop it to reach a nationwide ceasefire.

The Coalition called on Russia to assume its responsibility with regards to the continued violations of the agreement and force the Assad regime forces and the Iranian militias to stop the artillery shelling on rural Idlib and Hama. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)