Tuesday, 12 September 2017 18:49

Civil Defense in Hama Launches Campaign to Repair 20 Schools

The Directorate of Civil Defense in western rural Hama on Saturday launched a campaign to restart the educational process in the province. The campaign, titled “Children are our Hope," aims to repair 20 schools and clear the areas surrounding the schools of unexploded ordnance.

Wassim Al-Ahmad, communication officer in the civil defense’s western sector, told Smart News Network on Monday that the schools that are undergoing repairs are located in ​​the Mount Shahshabo area, the town of Kafarnbouda, and the Ghap plain area.

The campaign, which includes three stages, will start by careful search for unexploded ordnance by the teams of military engineers. In the second stage, schools will be cleared of rubble, while in the last stage schools will be cleaned to become ready to receive students.

The local council in the town of Kafar Zeita in northern rural Hama began repairing five schools out of 20 schools that were destroyed in airstrikes by the Assad regime and Russian forces on the town. The airstrikes caused massive damage to educational facilities in the province. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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