Friday, 04 April 2014 12:40

Death of Um Ismael, a Female FSA fighter in Hama

Mariam Al Sharif (Um Ismael), a female fighter in the FSA, was killed during clashes with regime forces north of Hama on April 3, 2014. Um Ismael lost two brothers who were killed fighting regime forces. Muhannad al-Mohammad, Sham News' reporter, said that Um Ismael used to fight with the rebels on the frontlines, and that she would make them food, bread and encourage them and raised their morale. She supervised the field kitchen in the town of Kafr bouda and also provided assistance to the displaced people from her town and other towns of Hama. "She was an example for the brave and kind Hamwi woman. She would give away food parcels to the displaced people, even though she was in a desperate need for them. The last time I saw her she shed tears and said to me that she wants to talk about the female detainees in Assad's prisons in Hama and how they were being tortured. She also wanted to talk about those who are profiteering at the expense of the blood of the Syrian people." Mohammad concluded that "I have never met a brave woman as Um Ismael, she was peerless." (Source: Sham News + Syrian Coalition)

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