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Saturday, 30 January 2016 16:43

Heavy Regime Losses in Surprise Rebel Attack on Northern Rural Hama

Rebel fighters advanced on regime positions in northern rural Hama in a surprise attack yesterday, activists reported. Rebel fighters captured three regime positions near the village of Lahaya in rural Hama after violent clashes with regime forces, who were forced to retreat to the towns of Souran and Taybet al-Imam.

Activists reported heavy regime losses after the clashes, including many militants killed or injured and four tanks and BMP armored vehicles destroyed and two more seized by rebel fighters. Rebel fighters also destroyed a bulldozer, a heavy machine gun and four trucks belonging to Assad’s forces.

Regime forces responded by pounding the area with barrel bombs and heavy artillery, while Russian warplanes bombed the towns of Al-Latiminah and Qasotoun.

Meanwhile, rebel fighters announced the launch of a new offensive In Dara’a province with the aim of advancing on regime positions in Quneitra province. Rebel fighters in rural Dara’a recaptured a number of positons on the western side of the town of Sheikh Misqin. (Source: Syrian Coalition)