Wednesday, 12 September 2018 19:29

Local Councils in Hama Urge Immediate Humanitarian Support for IDPs

The Hama Provincial Council and the local council in the town of Akerbat in central Syria urged humanitarian organizations to immediately provide food assistance to tens of people who have been displaced by the aerial attacks by the Assad regime and Russia.

The Hama Provincial Council on Tuesday called on humanitarian organizations to help 342 displaced families who are in desperate need for water and bread in IDP camps south of Idlib province.

Member of the Council, Khaled Al-Hoyyan, told Smart News Network that 342 families who were displaced from eastern rural Hama a year ago to the Khan Sheikhoun area were once again displaced to Ghorba IDP camps west of Ma'aret al-Nu'man to escape bombings by the Assad regime and Russia. The families suffer severe shortages of drinking water, bread and tents, he said.

For its part, the local council in Akerbat called on humanitarian organizations to intervene immediately to allow the entry of displaced people to the SDF-controlled Raqqa province.

Head of the local council in Akerbat, Ahmed Hamouri, said that 10 displaced families of 45 people, most of them women and children, left the town of Al-Dana in Idlib towards Raqqa province to escape the intensified bombings by Russia and the Assad regime. However, the SDF militias denied them entry into the province citing the absence of a guarantor to guarantee them.

The local council in Akerbat said that the displaced families had been stranded near the Aoun al-Dadat checkpoint in the Manbij area for nearly a week, waiting to be allowed to enter Raqqa as their situation worsened day after day.

The recent wave of displacement of the civilian population followed military escalation by the Assad regime and Russia forces which rained dozens of missiles, rockets and barrel bombs on various parts of Hama and Idlib provinces. The bombings killed and injured dozens of civilians and prompted local officials to declare several towns and villages in the province ‘disaster areas.’ The bombings are also targeting vital civilian centers, leaving thousands of civilians without access to basic services. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department + Smart News Network)

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