Monitor: Nearly 100,000 Fled Homes in Aleppo & Idlib in Past 10 Days

Nearly 100,000 people fled their homes in Idlib and Aleppo provinces in the period between 16-26 January to escape the brutal bombing campaign being launched by the Assad regime and its backers.

The Emergency Response Coordinators Team said that more than 98,616 people, or 17,151 households, were displaced from their homes. It said that its teams on the ground are still counting the numbers of people fleeing their homes as a result of the relentless bombing.

The Report indicated that at least 90 people, including 34 children, were killed and 198 others injured in the bombing campaign in the same period.

According to the report, the bombardment and shelling targeted 141 locations across northwestern Syria, 30 of which were targeted with ground shelling, 40 with Assad regime’s air force, 46 with Russian air force, and 25 with Assad regime’s helicopters.

Furthermore, the Team indicated that the Assad regime and Russian forces bombed 22 vital civilian centers, including four medical centers, three civil defense centers, seven educational facilities, four IDP camps, one bakery, and three ambulances.

The team called on civil bodies, relief organizations and humanitarian bodies to urgently meet the needs of the displaced people, holding the Assad regime and Russia forces fully responsible for the systematic, mass displacement and killing of Syrian civilians.

The Team stressed that the international community is partially responsible in view of its inability to protect the area which is home to nearly 4,352 million people, including more than 962,392 people who live in IDP camps. (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)