More People Join Hunger Strike to Protest Assad’s Bombing of Civilians

Syrian, Arab and foreign activists went on a hunger strike in many Arab and European countries nearly a month ago to protest against the Russian and Assad regime forces’ bombing of residential areas and healthcare facilities in the ‘de-escalation zone’ in northwestern Syria.

Organizers of the strike on Tuesday issued a statement saying that more people are joining the hunger strike which was begun by former head of the local council of eastern Aleppo, Brita Haji Hassan in France under the slogan ‘No food until the crimes stop.’

The statement indicated that “sympathy and support for the move is growing with the development of its tools thanks to the free people everywhere.” It noted that the Italian poet Francesca Scalenci went on a strike a week ago and US citizen Curie Streigan is striking for the sixth day. It also noted that more people are joining the strike.

The strike at home and abroad seeks to urge the international opinion to put pressure on Russia and the Assad regime to stop the bombing of civilians. Eight activists in Syria and 24 others have joined the hunger strike.

The strike was joined by five Syrian activists in France, nine in Germany, three in the Netherlands, two in Great Britain, one in Switzerland, one in Jordan, two in Qatar, and two in Saudi Arabia.

The activists called on “humanitarian organizations, international political forces and organizations to shoulder their moral and legal responsibilities with regards to the protection of civilians from the Russian bombardment and to seek a UN resolution to stop this brutality.” They stressed they would carry on with their strike until the bombardment, the killing of children, and the mass displacement of civilians is brought to an end.

The hunger strike began more than a month ago with Britta Haji Hassan, the former head of the local council in eastern Aleppo, declaring he was going on a hunger strike while standing outside the UN office. About 60 Syrians, Arabs and foreigners from all over the world have since then joined the move. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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