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Tuesday, 13 October 2015 17:38

Seven Civilians Killed in Russian Airstrikes on Hayyan Near Aleppo

Legal adviser for the Free Syrian Army Osama Abu Zeid said that the Russian airstrikes hit the town of Hayyan in rural Aleppo today’s morning, killing seven civilians. The town was bombed though there are no ISIS elements around or inside.

The towns of Bayanoun, Anadan and Darat Izza were targeted by the Russian air raids in previous attacks, also void of any ISIS elements. Abu Zeid said that these strikes distracted the Free Syrian Army hence allowing ISIS militants to advance on the Infantry School, the Free Zone and a number of other villages northeast of Aleppo. ISIS handed over the areas they wrested from the FSA to regime forces yesterday.

Abu Zeid added that battles are still raging between rebel fighters and regime forces backed by the Russian aircraft, noting that rebel fighters foiled regime forces’ attempts today’s morning to advance on the town of Kafr Dilbah in rural Latakia. Rebel fighters regained control of the village of Mansoura in rural Hama, destroying a tank and capturing a BMP armored vehicle belonging for regime forces.

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced that its air force conducted 55 visits air raids on Syria, while the Syrian Coalition’s media office said that the airstrikes targeted rebel-held areas in rural Aleppo, Idlib, Hama and Latakia. It confirms that none of the Russian air raids targeted ISIS positions, adding that cluster bombs were used in the attacks.

The Syrian Coalition’s Assistance Coordination Unit (ACU) said that the Russian warplanes bombed a polio vaccination center in the town of Al-Tamana’a in rural Idlib.

This center provides health services for Al-Taman’a and the surrounding villages, with 11,000 children receiving anti-polio vaccination in the 11th round of the vaccination campaign. (Source: Syrian Coalition)