Syrian Interim Government to End the Smuggling of Unregistered Vehicles Into Syria

Mohammed Yasin Najjar, Minister of Communications, Transport and Industry in the Syrian interim government said that the “Ministry is seeking to organize and control the transport sector in the rebel-held districts through the establishment of departments of transportation, a move which was already made in Aleppo. We are also seeking to address the issue of the unregistered vehicles that have been smuggled across the borders. To solve this problem we will communicate with the border crossings that are not strictly controlled, and will also check the vehicles, as there are currently tens of thousands of unregistered vehicles in Syria.” Najjar also pointed out that the Ministry will announce tenders to repair six roads in the provinces of Aleppo, Idlib and Deir Ezzor, Hama and Dara’a. The regime’s daily shelling is hindering the work of the Miniatery, like when regime forces bombed the Ministry’s office and the communications center in the town of Al Atareb in rural Aleppo, and also bombed the headquarter of the Directorate of Transport in Aleppo.” (Source: Syrian Coalition)