Tuesday, 03 October 2017 19:09

Syrian Islamic Council Condemns Assad Regime’s Continued Besiegement of Civilians

The Syrian Islamic Council (SIC) said that the Assad regime and its allied sectarian militias still impose crippling sieges on many Syrian cities and towns in violation of international resolutions, international law and international humanitarian law.

In a statement released on Monday, the Council said that "the murderous Assad regime and its allied sectarian groups are still besieging many areas across Syria.”

"They prevent the introduction of food and medical supplies as well as prevent the sick and starving people from leaving those areas,” the Council added. The blockades have led to the death of many civilians and the spread of malnutrition symptoms such as anemia, emaciation, and physical debility among the civilian population. As time passes, the suffering of trapped civilians and the damage caused by the blockades dramatically increase,” the Council said.

The Council pointed out that the eastern Ghouta area has been one of the most affected by the blockade given “the population density and the crippling siege from all sides.”

"Unfortunately, all of this is happening in the 21st century right under the nose of the international community,” the Council went on. It underscored that “correspondents, media activists, international institutions and media outlets "have shown the true picture and conveyed the scale of the tragedy. However, the world still stands idly by, which will leave a dark stain on the forehead of the civilized world.”

The Council slammed the crimes of the Assad regime and its backers who continue to support the regime despite seeing civilians being starved and hearing the moaning of those being tortured and the cries of the hungry and the exhausted civilians." The Council appealed to the world's organizations and institutions, especially the Arab and Islamic worlds, "to exert pressure on the murderous Assad regime to force it to lift the siege it imposes on eastern Ghouta and other areas across Syria.”

The Council called on all licensed humanitarian organizations to collect donations in accordance with official regulations in each country and deliver aid to the besieged areas.

The Council concluded its statement by issuing "a humanitarian appeal to all Syrian opposition forces and bodies to take action and spread this message through the holding of sit-ins, events, and other activities.” (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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