Tuesday, 05 November 2019 21:33

Syrian Teachers Association Decries Suspension of Aid to Education in Syria’s Northwest

The Union of Media Activists in Aleppo and the Syrian Teachers Association on Monday organized a press conference in the town of Al-Atareb in western rural Aleppo under the title “causes and consequences of the suspension of aid to education in northwestern Syria. The press conference aimed to shed light on the suffering of teachers and the reality of education in the liberated areas.

The speakers also highlighted the obstacles facing the educational process resulting from the continued military operations. They also talked about the reasons for the suspension of support and the need to search for solutions, warning of the catastrophic consequences if support for education is not resumed.

Head of the Association Ali Loula called on the concerned authorities and donors to assume their humanitarian and moral duties, calling for the resumption of support for teachers and enabling them to carry out their duty to empower generations.

“Children has a basic right to education,” Loula said. “Syrians, especially in the liberated areas, have suffered from the consequences of the 8-year war. This suffering has only worsened with the suspension of support," Lula added in his message to the international community.

Some 70 teachers in northern rural Aleppo earlier organized a protest sit-in to demand the resumption of support for education in the liberated areas which are “going through exceptional circumstances.”

Educational in areas outside the control of the Assad regime faces several difficulties and obstacles, most notably the continued bombardment and shelling, overcrowded classrooms, and scarcity of resources. (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)

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