Monday, 10 March 2014 10:45

Al Ameer: The problem is not only related to women, but in the fight against all forms of discrimination against mankind in general

On the occasion of Women's Day, Nora Al Ameer, Vice President of the Syrian Coalition, sent a message to "the mothers of the Syrian Revolution, who were behind the little fingers that ignited the first spark of the first revolution." She said addressing the Syrian women "you taught the whole world that the revolution takes away all the titles and differences of gender or kind, and that Syrians will be judged by what they offer to the revolution, not by their gender. Today I would like to address the international community on behalf of the Syrian woman, whether she is a mother, sister, daughter, student or detained: You and the United Nations, human rights and international law are all at stake. I speak today on behalf the Syrian child, whose simple words cannot convince the warlords and politicians of her cause. I whisper in your ear, O world, to tell you of a country where children and women no longer have a place in." Al Ameer also said that "our revolution has changed all the standards that we grow up with, and changed all the priorities that we struggled for before the revolution. We used to demand the rights of women, children and other international laws, within the frameworks defined by the international law. My opinion towards the issue of women and men changed a lot after the Arab Spring in general the Syrian revolution in particular, which laid bare all claims of the international community about human rights and put us in front of the fact that the world is governed by Machiavellianism. We realized today that the problem in Syria is not related to women and children only, but human beings as a whole. We also realized that to talk about the issues of women and children is no more than a dictatorial opium, through which the world rulers try to derail the line set forth by the Arab peoples from the true path of freedom." Furthermore, Al Ameer stresses that "the popular uprising in Syria made us rearrange our agenda and priorities. We realized that the problem we are experiencing does not lie in the non-application of United Nations conventions and human rights laws, but it became clear there must be focus on fighting against all forms of discrimination against human beings." Al Ameer concluded her remarks saying that "I want to say to all of those who wonder about the reasons for the delayed victory of the Syrian Revolution. Victory was never delayed, as the Syrian revolution triumphed on the day it broke out. If there is a delay, it proves that it is a real revolution, and will change all the political map not only of Syria, but also of the whole world. (Source: Syrian Coalition)


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