Assad Intensifies Bombing In Syria

Spokesman for the Syrian Coalition Salem al-Meslet stated that fast developing events on various battlefronts, after the resumption of the rebel offensive to liberate Dara’a city, reveal that that the crumbling Assad regime’s only means of delaying its downfall is through escalating barbaric bombing of civilians.

“The Assad regime responded to the rebels’ advance on Dara’a and their heroic resistance in Zabadani is to intensify aerial bombing and barrel bomb attacks on residential areas in Dara’a and the surrounding villages and towns. The worst of these attacks took place in the town of Naseeb where at least ten people were killed and many more injured. One civilian was also killed in an aerial raid on the town of Busra al-Harir, while many casualties were reported in Dara’a city.”

“As pro-regime forces intensify bombing of rebel-held areas, they are tightening the noose on civilians trapped in Zabadani by blocking the road to Damascus and preventing the entry of food supplies to over 10,000 families in Madaya, Bludan and Serghaya. Regime forces continue to ruthlessly bomb Zabadani for the fifth day, alongside reports saying that some of the bombardment is originating from Anjar and Kafr Zaid areas located inside Lebanese territory,” Meslet added.

He stresses that the Lebanese government is responsible for controlling its borders with Syria and preventing Hezbollah militias’ repeated incursions into Syrian territory and the violations they commit against the Syrian people. “We call upon the international community to seriously contribute to the ending the tragedy and Syria and to support a transition to a state of freedom, justice and citizenship. (Source: Syrian Coalition)