Tuesday, 15 April 2014 12:44

Assad's Remarks Are A Desperate Attempt to Boost Supporter’s Morale

Ahmed Jakal, member of the political committee, said that Assad's remarks made yesterday "clearly demonstrate the confusion caused by the significant gains made recently by rebels. "Assad is desperately trying to suggest that his forces are making gains, while in fact they are losing ground to rebels in Aleppo, Hama and the coast.  Assad is also trying to boost the morale of his supporters, as his regional allies have admitted his failure to crush the popular uprising against his rule even though he used chemical weapons against the Syrian people several times recently" Jakal said. He also said that rebels "are expected to make more gains, especially after receiving advanced weapons." Jakal's remarks came in response to Assad's claims on Monday that his forces "got the upper hand" in what he described as a “turning point” of the conflict. Furthermore, in response to the regime's claims that the Israeli occupation are supporting rebel factions, Jakal said that "the Assad regime is trying to cover up its historical ties with the enemy, after Hafez Assad surrendered the Golan Heights to the occupation forces. The Assad regime has not fired a single shot on the Israeli occupation army since that day. The Assad regime is also deriding the minds of the public, who knows for sure its close relationship with the Israeli occupation." Jakal lashed out at the insolence of Bashar al- Assad who unashamedly suggested he would run for re-election, ignoring all the massacres he committee which claimed the lives of more than 150,000 people. Assad would not have survived in power had it not been for the support provided by Iran, Russia and Iraq. (Source: Syrian Coalition)

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