Dozens Killed in Air Raid on a Market in Al-Hasakah

Regime forces committed an appalling massacre on Tuesday in the village of Khansaa near the town of Tal Hamis in rural Al-Hasaka when Assad’s air force targeted Taimaa’ popular market, killing 75 civilians at least and inuring 100s more according to activists in the city. President Khoja strongly condemns the crime and expects that the international community takes a new and decisive stand to end a long silence and ignoring of Assad’s atrocities. Khoja calls for establishing safe protected havens in northern and southern Syria and for expediting the equip and train program for the Free Syrian Army so that it can protect civilians and stop the military machine of the Assad regime. “Leaving the Syrian people between the hammer of the Assad regime and the anvil of terrorist organizations is unjustifiable. The failure to intervene immediately to end the plight of Syrians is a disgrace to the international community,” Khoja said. He confirms that all victims of the massacre are unarmed civilians, pointing out that this crime represents a serious escalation as regime forces sought to inflict the largest possible number of casualties through the targeting of a crowded popular market under false pretenses of targeting terrorist groups. Khoja stresses that this horrible massacre must prompt the international community to tackle the root cause of terrorism and unite under one banner that shows respect to the human being, regardless of their nationality or identity and also to stop distinguishing between peoples in a way almost tantamount to racism. (Source: Syrian Coalition)