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Saturday, 16 May 2015 19:42

Dozens of Civilians Killed in Regime Air Raids on Manbej

Activists said that scores of civilians were killed or injured yesterday in regime air raids on the town of Manbej northeast of Aleppo. The air raids hit civilians gathering near a mosque and a crowded street near a bakery. This is the third massacre committed by Assad's air forces in Aleppo in less than a week.

Spokesman for the Syrian Coalition Salem al-Meslet renews calls for the establishing of safe zones in northern and southern Syria to put an end to the massacres committed by the Assad regime’s air force against civilians in the liberated areas. “By committing these wholesale crimes, the Assad regime is trying to cover up its defeats and to delay its downfall which have now become inevitable. We once again call for supplying Syria’s rebel with anti-aircraft weapons to ward off Assad’s air force that has been wreaking havoc and death in the liberated areas weapon.”

Meslet points out that no matter what crimes Assad commits, rebels will continue to make gains in all Syrian provinces. “The international community should be aware that a political and military equation is now imposed by the latest rebel gains against regime forces. This requires stepping up support for rebels to prevent more casualties and support transition of power in Syria so that the objectives of the Syrian people in freedom, dignity and justice are fully achieved. (Source: Syrian Coalition)