Tuesday, 26 February 2019 18:24

Hassan Welcomes British Decision to Classify Hezbollah’s Political Wing of as Terrorist Organization

An official of the Syrian Coalition welcomed Great Britain’s decision to classify the Hezbollah militias with all its political and military wings as terrorist organizations. The militia has been involved in terrorist practices in the region, especially in war crimes against civilians in Syria.

Secretary of the Coalition’s political committee Riad al-Hassan said that the British government's announcement with regards to the Hezbollah militias was “an important step.” He called on the European Union to "follow suit” as the intervention of the Hezbollah militia in Syria has further destabilized the region and caused huge waves of refugees.

The Hezbollah militia has had a prominent role in propping up the Assad regime and supporting its elements in the killing of hundreds of thousands of civilians and the displacement of people from their cities and villages since the start of their intervention in the town of Qusayr in rural Homs in 2013. He pointed out that the intervention was ordered by Hezbollah’s political wing which holds seats in the Lebanese government and the Lebanese parliament. He said that Hezbollah practices terrorism through these government institutions.

Moreover, Hassan stressed the importance of taking more serious steps against these Iranian-backed militias. He pointed out that this will benefit the whole region as well as the UN-led political process in accordance with international resolutions, most notably the Geneva Communique of 2012 and UN Security Council Resolution 2254.

Hassan also said that Hezbollah militias have sought to block any agreement to consolidate the cease-fire over the past several years, noting that the Iranian-backed militias continue to commit crimes in all Syrian provinces and carry out terrorist actions against the civilian population. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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