Monday, 01 February 2016 20:00

HNC: No Negotiations With Assad Before Bombardment Stopped, Sieges Lifted & Detainees Released

Head of the Syrian opposition High Negotiations Committee’s (HNC) delegation Asaad al-Zoabi said today that the Syrian opposition would not give up their demands for the full implementation of UN Security Council resolution 2254, particularly Articles 12 and 13. He stressed the opposition would not engage in negotiations with the Assad regime before these demands were met

“We will raise only three issues during our meeting with de Mistura: lifting the sieges, ending Russian bombardment of mainstream rebels and civilians, and releasing political prisoners and detainees, most importantly women and children,” Zoabi added.

Spokesperson of the High Negotiations Committee, Salem Al-Meslet, said that the positions expressed by representatives of the International Syria Support Group (ISSG) during a meeting with the HNC’s delegation were positive and focused on humanitarian issues.

The HNC announced the formation of an advisory body to represent women. The body will be composed of 40 women who will act as consultants and will contribute to the negotiation process. The HNC pointed out that the move was taken out of the HNC’s realization of the pressing need for the effective participation of the Syrian woman within the frame of the HNC and the affiliated negotiating team.

In a statement released today, the HNC said the new body “would result in raising the HNC’s level in terms of representation and expertise as the HNC considers making use of Syrian expertise and national potentials as a guarantee for the success of the HNC and its teams as well as the success of the political process.”

“Actual and active representation for all components of the Syrian society is the corner stone of the successful political transition in Syria, and that HNC is of the view that empowering women and enhancing their presence in the political process and their participation in decision making shall have positive results on the negotiating process and the future of the Syrian state,” the statement added. (Source: Syrian Coalition)

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