Marwa: Citizens Handed Over to Regime Forces Will Be Imprisoned

Hisham Marwa, member of the Syrian National Coalition Legal Committee, said in a statement to the Syrian National Coalition Media Office that the humanitarian organizations’ evacuation of people from Muadamiyah in coordination with the Assad Regime is “systematic displacement.”  He noted that “the process was conducted legally and has a façade of compassion, however, it deviates from the mission’s humanitarian, legal, and social goals.” Marwa said ” Syrian Coalition demands are not confined to the evacuation of residents from towns, cities, homes in which they live,” stressing that “the Syrian Coalition, under the authority of international law, demands that Assad’s siege on these areas must be lifted and humanitarian corridors must be opened for people to secure food for themselves and their children.” He added that “the people evacuated from these cities are placed in detention centers and large military camps under Assad’s control.” The Syrian Coalition demands that Assad halt his genocide and starvation of civilians in Muadamiyah by ceasing all attacks and allowing humanitarian aid into the area.

The Syrian Coalition added that the regime is detaining young boys and questioning them to gather information about Free Syrian Army movements in the city.  The Syrian Coalition also state, “Red Cross officers have been alerted about the dangers of placing these vulnerable people under the care of the regime but have stated that they are just humanitarian aid providers and can do nothing to ensure the safety of these families.”  The Syrian Coalition further urges the international community to stop neglecting its responsibilities and to immediately begin establishing humanitarian corridors, providing international relief agencies with unfettered access to save civilians in Muadamiyah.

The Coalition also mentions that the siege has lasted for 331 days in an attempt to bring the Free Syrian Army soldiers within the area to their knees and surrender the fight. Shockingly, there are 12,000 civilians in Muadamiyah, 7000 of them women and children, who have for months now, been without basic necessities.

Combat battalions in the southern areas of Damascus demand the Assad regime to lift the siege on the Ghoutas and southern Damascus.  They have been experiencing a suffocating attack by the regime preventing the entrance of all food and essential goods needed by the people. The latest blockade has claimed the lives of many children and other civilians trapped, victims of the starvation war tactic practiced by the Assad regime on the Ghoutas of Damascus. These areas are considered very important entrances to the city and pose a direct risk to regime security branches in the capital Damascus. (Source: Syrian Coalition)

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