Mustafa: SIG’s Ministries Working in Coordination to Prevent Coronavirus Outbreak in Freed Territories

Head of the Syrian Interim Government (SIG), Abdurrahman Mustafa, said that all ministries are working in coordination to implement the precautionary measures being taken by the Ministry of Health in order to prevent an outbreak of the coronavirus in the liberated areas.

He pointed out that in light of the worldwide spread of the virus, SIG formed a special team to manage the crisis. He also said that SIG developed a clear strategy to deal with the crisis with utmost urgency through cooperation at the medical, political, security and military levels.

He pointed out that SIG set up testing and isolation centers despite the insufficient resources, especially in the medical infrastructure which suffered heavy losses as a result of the systematic attacks by Russia and the Assad regime. It also issued decisions to implement precautionary measures aimed at preventing the outbreak of the virus.

Mustafa indicated that these measures included closure of the crossing points with the regime-held areas, resorting to online education, and closure of public parks. They also included a general amnesty for crimes committed before April 1st, 2020. The pardon covers crimes committed before April 1st, 2020 and covers all penalties for misdemeanors and offenses, half of the penalties for felonies, the full penalties for those who have reached 70 years of age and those who are terminally ill. The decision excludes the crimes which have a negative impact on society.

SIG also communicated with sisterly and friendly states as well as international organizations, while coordinating the efforts with local community organizations. He added SIG provided lists of the needed humanitarian support, including support for the affected households in the liberated areas.

Moreover, Mustafa called on Syrians in the liberated areas to comply with these measures so as to stem this crisis which is now affecting the entire world. (Source: SOC’s Media Department)

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