Nine Civilians Killed in Regime Airstrikes on Rural Homs Today

Activists in Homs said that the Assad regime’s air force intensified aerial bombardment on northern rural Homs earlier today, leaving dozens of civilian casualties and causing massive destruction in the area.

Activists in the area said that one of the airstrikes targeted the town of Al-Ghanto in the early hours of Thursday, killing nine civilians and wounding many more, including women and children.

Other airstrikes also hit the towns of Rastan and Talbeesah, with reports of civilian casualties and massive destruction in the residential neighborhoods.

The escalating aerial bombardment on northern rural Homs coincided with ground attacks by regime forces seeking to encircle the area, particularly the Al-Houla area, and cut the rebels’ last supply lines. Northern rural Homs already suffers from lack of food and medical supplies as a result of the regime’s blockade of most of the roads leading to the area.

Meanwhile, clashes resumed today between regime forces and rebel fighters on the fronts of Um Sharshouh, Talbeesah and Rastan, amid renewed attempts by regime forces to advance on the town of Harbnafsah and complete the encirclement of Al-Houla. (Source: Syrian Coalition)

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