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Tuesday, 05 August 2014 11:32

Rebels Break the Siege on Mleiha near Damascus

Activists said that at last 54 civilians were killed and dozens injured on Sunday due to aerial bombardment that targeted different parts in Eastern Ghouta. Among the dead are 28 civilians who were killed in air raids on Douma, while 26 civilians were killed and dozens were wounded when Assad’s warplanes targeted a market in the town of Kafrbatna, in addition to nine civilians who were killed in an artillery bombardment on Damascus suburbs.  A mortar shell struck the district of Al Muhajirin in Damascus, killing a person and wounding others. Rebel fighters launched a large-scale offensive on regime positions on the outskirts if the town of Mleiha, breaking the month-long blockade imposed by regime forces on a number of rebel fighters inside the town. Twelve rebel factions in Qalamoun announced a full merger under the name “Assoud al-Sharqiya”, with the aim of unifying the efforts in the battle against regime forces. (Source: Syrian Coalition + Smart News + Sham News)