Friday, 09 October 2015 18:39

Russia Offering ISIS Air force

The Syrian Coalition stresses that Russia's air campaign and its aggression in Syria is not only aimed at supporting Assad, but also offers air cover to ISIS fighters in their battles against rebel fighters.

ISIS captured five villages in northern rural Aleppo as well as the Infantry School and the juvenile prison yesterday after fierce clashes with rebel fighters.

“With the beginning of the Russian aggression on Syria, ISIS has advanced on northern Rural Aleppo, and everyone noticed the harmony between regime forces and the Russian air force on the one hand and the progress ISIS made on the other.

ISIS militants attacked the Infantry School from three directions in conjunction heavy artillery shelling by regime forces on the rebel-held areas. ISIS’s advance came under air coverage by Russia’s air force which struck rebel positions. ISIS attack came just hours after the extremist group detonated a car bomb in the town of Huraytan, killing 20 civilians and wounding more than 15 others. (Source: Syrian Coalition)

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