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Wednesday, 14 October 2015 17:30

Russian Warplanes Strike Medical Centers North Of Aleppo

The Syrian Coalition strongly condemns Russia's air force’s targeting of medical facilities in many areas across Syria over the past 14 days. The Russian airstrikes caused severe damage to the field hospitals, forcing them to close down.

The Syria Relief and Development (SRD), a nonprofit organization, announced today one of its field hospitals in the town of Huraytan in northern Rural Aleppo was damaged when the Russian air force targeted it with three missiles. The attack also resulted in three civilian injuries, including one child and two adults.

“We are not terrorists; we are doctors. All parties must stop targeting us so that we can continue providing medical services to all Syrians in need,” SRD’s head Dr. Abdelsalam Daif said.

The organization made it clear through its official website that the medical staff of the hospital treated three injured, and the other deals with the result of more raids that targeted the region's injuries, and this is the fourth attack was aimed at one of the medical facilities of the organization in recent months.

Yesterday, the Syrian Coalition’s Assistance Coordination Unit (ACU) said that the Russian warplanes bombed a polio vaccination center in the town of Al-Tamana’a in rural Idlib. The center provides health services for Al-Taman’a and the surrounding villages, with 11,000 children receiving anti-polio vaccination in the 11th round of the vaccination campaign.

The Syrian Coalition states that the Russian invaders did not wait long to disclose their strategy in Syrian which is compatible with the terrorist behavior of the Assad regime. The Russians are systematically targeting the Free Syrian Army, the civilian population, places of worship, and medical facilities.

The Syrian Coalition calls upon the international community and the UN Security Council to condemn the Russian aggression on Syria, to stop it immediately, and bring perpetrators of war crimes and genocide in Syria to justice. (Source: Syrian Coalition)