Saleh: Syrian Coalition Calls On the UN to Shoulder Its Responsibilities towards Syrian Civilians

Khalid Al Saleh, head of the Media Office, said that five suffocation cases were documented yesterday when regime forces targeted Jobar district in eastern Damascus with toxic gas. One of the doctors in the district was quoted as saying that “the victims showed symptoms of sweating, pinpoint pupil, and shortness of breath.”  Saleh also said that the Syrian Coalition considers that the continuation of such practices by the Assad regime is an embodiment of its intentions to break the will of the Syrian people, taking advantage of the inability of the international community to commit more massacres and aggravate the humanitarian crisis in Syria.” Moreover, Saleh said that the Syrian Coalition demands that the United Nations carry out its duties in the protection of the Syrian civilians and to immediately intervene to protect international peace and security in accordance with the UN charters. The Syrian Coalition also demands that the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) investigate the incident and take the necessary action towards the regime’s violation of the agreement on the relinquishing of its chemical weapons.” (Source: Syrian Coalition)

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