Saudi Prepared to Accept 12,000 Syrian Pilgrims and the Head of the Hajj Committee Holds Regime Violence Responsible For Preventing People From Fulfilling their Religious Duties

Head of the Hajj Committee, Muhamad Abu al Khayr Shukri said that the Saudi government allowed the committee in the Syrian National Coalition to accept 12,000 pilgrims, it should be noted that the number of Syrian Hajj pilgrims this year is 6,500 Syrian pilgrims. This is a result of the difficult circumstances witnessed by the Syrian people due to the military operations conducted by Bashar al Assad’s regime in Syrian cities. He added, “Saudi embassies and consulates in neighboring countries will not grant Hajj visas to individuals or organizations except by way of the Syrian Coalition office. He explained that the Syrian pilgrims were coming by way of Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, and liberated areas such as Idleb, Aleppo, al Raqa, and Der Elzor; they would travel by bus to nearby countries and from there go to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
(Source: Coalition)

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