Wednesday, 11 March 2020 20:24

SOC Begins Official Visit to State of Qatar


A delegation from the Syrian Opposition Coalition, headed by President Anas Abdah, begun an official visit to the State of Qatar and met Deputy Prime Minister and Qatari Foreign Minister, Sheikh Muhammad bin Abdul Rahman Al Thani at the capital, Doha.

The delegation included head of the Syrian Interim Government (SIG), Abdurrahman Mustafa, SOC’s Vice-president, Oqab Yahya, Coordinator of the Office of the Arab Affairs of the Department of Foreign Relations, Salim al-Khatib, Minister of Defense Major General Salim Idris, Minister of the Interior Mohiuddin Harmoush, and Minister of Local Administration and Services Muhammad Suleiman.

The two sides discussed the latest on the ground and political developments, especially the humanitarian disaster unfolding in northwestern Syria as a result of military operations against civilians in recent months.

President Abdah emphasized the need of revitalizing the political process to fully implement UN resolution 2254, including the Geneva Communique of 2012 in order to find a real political solution by forming a transitional governing body without Assad and the rest of war criminals.

President Abdah thanked the leadership and people of Qatar for their consistent, humanitarian stances in support of the Syrian people, the latest of which was the Haq Al-Sham fundraising campaign which came as a swift response to alleviate the suffering of the internally displaced people. He stressed the important role of Qatar in preventing normalization of relations with the Assad regime.

Moreover, President Abdah stressed that the SOC is seeking through SIG to establish an efficient civic administration in the liberated areas, establish service institutions for the civilian population, and find a real alternative to the Assad regime’s institutions.

He pointed out that SIG has already begun implementing vital projects in the areas of security, health, and education with the aim of supporting the resilience of the civilian population in the liberated areas and promoting the principles of the Syrian revolution. (Source: SOC’s Media Department)


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