SOC Delegation Check on Situation of Syrian Refugees on Turkish-Greek Border


A delegation from the Syrian Opposition Coalition toured the Turkish-Greek border to check on the Syrian refugees and listen to their needs, especially in view of the Greek authorities’ use of excessive force against them.

Coordinator of the SOC’s Office of Refugee Affairs, Amal Sheikhou, stressed that there is an urgent need for the intervention of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and other international organizations to provide protection for refugees of all nationalities, including Syrian refugees, and to prevent further violence by the Greek army against them.

Sheikhou pointed out that the refugees are going through difficult conditions on the Turkish-Greek border as tens of thousands, including many women and children, are stranded out in the open without shelter or food and in very cold weather. The Greek authorities continue to close the border in the face of refugees. (Source: SOC’s Media Department)


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