SOC’s General Assembly Commends Efforts to Prevent Coronavirus Outbreak in Freed Territories

The 50th meeting of the Syrian National Coalition’s General Assembly kicked off on Sunday to discuss the latest political and on the ground developments as well as the efforts to prevent an outbreak of the coronavirus in the freed territories.

The General Assembly commended the measures taken by the Coalition’s presidential body and political committee in cooperation with the Syrian Interim Government (SIG) to stem the coronavirus. It thanked the Ministry of Health of the Syrian Interim Government, the Assistance Coordination Unit, and medical organizations for their efforts to take precautionary and preventive measures in the liberated areas despite the massive damage the medical sector has suffered as a result of the ferocious attacks by the Assad regime and its backers.

Coalition President Anas Abdah submitted a presidential report as he emphasized that the Syrian revolution has passed a very critical juncture represented by the ferocious onslaught the “alliance of evil” launched on the Syrian people at all levels. He pointed out that the heroic resistance being shown by the Syrian National Army on the battlefronts, the work of the Syrian Interim Government, and the diplomatic and political campaigns the Coalition launched at the Arab, Islamic and international levels significantly contributed to resilience of the Syrian people.

The Coalition’s Secretary-General, Secretary of the political committee, and coordinators of the Coalition’s offices, departments and committees also presented their periodic reports in which they clarified the work they have done in recent weeks. Their work focused on continuing to raise the combat readiness of the Syrian National Army; strengthening the fortifications on the battlefronts; the development and organization of the administrative structure, and the provision and improvement of services to civilians in the liberated areas through the Syrian Interim Government. The reports also addressed the conditions of the Syrian refugees in the host countries and the efforts to strengthen joint relations with friendly and sisterly countries as well as raise the Syrian issue at the international level.

Participants in the meeting, which took place via video links, also discussed the issue of detainees and the international campaign the Coalition has launched to mobilize pressure on the Assad regime to force it to release detainees amid fear of a possible outbreak of the coronavirus inside detention centers. The Coalition said that the Assad regime continues to execute detainees in its custody.

Members of the General Assembly took note of the important work being done by the Syrian-Turkish Joint Committee which helped resolve many of the problems facing Syrian refugees in Turkey, the last of which was its participation in gathering information on Syrian households affected by the coronavirus crisis. The Committee also contributed to the efforts to evacuate Syrian refugees who were stranded at the Turkish-Greek border to safe places and provide them with food and medical assistance. (Source: SOC’s Media Department)

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