Thursday, 13 March 2014 12:18

Syrian Coalition: All Support for Opposition Factions Must Be Channeled Through the Ministry of Defense

Badr Jamous, Secretary General of the Syrian Coalition, stresses that "all support to the opposition factions must be channeled through the Ministry of Defense in the Syrian interim government," during a meeting with a Canadian delegation at the General Secretariat headquarters in Istanbul. He pointed out that the Ministry of Defense must be the only party that receivers from the opposition backers as a step to unify all these factions under one umbrella." Jamous also said that "this step would end the chaos and offer better coordination and solve the problems faced by the FSA," during a meeting with the representative of Canada to the Syrian Coalition Robin Wetlaver and the Canadian secretary in Turkey, Andrew Web. Jamous demands that the Canadian government increase relief aid to the Syrian people, "who lost all hope in the international community who did not lift a hand to rescue it." Furthermore, Jamous stresses the need to form a "transitional governing body with full executive powers of Syrian figures that enjoy the trust the Syrian people. A political solution must be imposed by force, as the transitional governing body will not be able to exercise its work inside unless the Assad regime is ousted. Assad, while maintaining the state institutions that will be restructured. Atlavr said that "the Syrian Coalition won through participation at Geneva II talks, as it proved its commitment to a political solution that the Assad regime has rejected." She also said "the Geneva II conference was important on the international level though it didn't come up with a positive outcome." Jamous extends condolences to the families and loved ones of all civilians who were killed by the terrorist attack carried out by the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) at a hotel in the northeastern city of Qamishli. "We also condemn in the strongest possible terms the targeting of civilian populations, regardless of whom the perpetrators may be. Such cowardly acts not only contravene international conventions and laws, but also serve as reminders of the scale of the daily suffering of ordinary people in Syria." (Source: Syrian Coalition)

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