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Sunday, 16 February 2014 11:39

Syrian Coalition: Assad Regime’s Blocking Of Geneva Talks Entails Reviewing Of Choices By The International Community

Munzer Akbik, spokesman for the Coalition’s president, said the Assad regime’s lack of seriousness and blocking of talks at Geneva II, necessitates that the international community re-evaluate its options towards the Assad regime. “The international mediator Lakhdar Brahimi made concerted efforts to bring about a political solution, but the Assad regime’s recalcitrance and its adherence to formalism foiled all proposed solutions, the latest of which was the formation of a transitional governing body in parallel with fighting terrorism,” Akbik said. He also said that the delegation of the Assad regime declined to increase the negotiating sessions with the Syrian Coalition. “For Syrians, time is blood, and the regime's refusal to increase these sessions indicates lack of seriousness to reach a political solution and that the Assad regime tries to buy more time to kill more Syrians." Furthermore, Akbik said that the Syrian Coalition would never give up the formation of the transitional governing body, as this is the only way to fight terrorism practiced by the Assad regime and some extremist groups that were created in Assad’s security intelligence branches. “It is illogical to assign the task of fighting terror to the Assad regime as they are the real manufacturer of terrorism. Hence, it is necessary to form a political authority that can make peace in Syria and the region. Those who accuse the Syrian Coalition of seeking to seize power must keep in mind that the constitution of the Coalition entails that Coalition’s members cannot be part of the first ruling authority. The Assad regime should recognize our demand, which is handing power over to a fully national democratic government.” (Source: Syrian Coalition)