Wednesday, 18 June 2014 12:33

Syrian Coalition: Assad Regime’s Statements Prove Rejection of a Political Solution

Louay Safi, spokesman for the Syrian Coalition, said that the statements made by the Russian officials and Assad’s advisor Buthaina Shaaban in Moscow ignore the demands of the Syrian Revolution and the practices of the Assad regime which the UN Human Rights said they mount to war crimes and crimes against humanity. Safi also slams the attempts of the Assad regime and its Russian ally to label all the opposition forces as terrorists. The Russian Foreign Ministry said after the meeting with Assad’s envoy today that “we discussed during the meeting the chances of a political settlement in Syria on the basis of the of Geneva I declaration, in addition to the need to unite the efforts of the regime and the national opposition in combating terrorism in light of the latest developments in Iraq." Safi also said that this statement contradicts with Assad’s latest remarks in which he said that there is no longer a place for Geneva after the presidential elections, which proves the glaring contradiction in the regimes political discourse and emphasizes Assad’s evasiveness and the absence of the genuine will to reach a political solution to save Syria and the region. However, Safi rules out "the possibility that the Assad regime may agree to a political solution to the conflict, as it simply means his downfall. Terrorism is Assad’s only fence that protect him and he uses it as a scarecrow to put the international community into two options, either terrorists or me. Furthermore, the Russians should reconsider their approach in dealing with the Syrian crisis and put pressure on the Assad regime to stop the bombing of civilians. They also should realize that to preserve their interests they need to endorse the demands of the peoples, and give up supporting dictatorships that manufacture of terrorism in order to disrupt the word of the peoples.” (Source: Syrian Coalition)

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