Tuesday, 17 June 2014 11:21

Syrian Coalition: Assad’s Fake Air Strikes on ISIS Meant to Appease Iran

Mohammad Farouk Tayfour, vice president of the Syrian Coalition, said that air strike carried out by regime forces against ISIS positions in Al Raqqa merely a ridiculous decoy meant to appease its Iranian ally. “Assad aims through this fake air strike, which was limited ISIS administrative centers, to send a message to the international community and to rebuild trust with it, after its close relationship with ISIS was exposed. The Assad regime and ISIS are in fact puppets in the hands of the Iranians who seek to expand their influence the region and to implement their sectarian projects." Tayfour also said that Iran must reconsider the changes in the military balance in the region and Iraq in particular, and must give up its Machiavellian policies that have wreaked havoc and chaos on the region. The social contradictions that make up Iranian society will cause upheaval in Iran at any moment, as the armed insurgency in Iraq is one of the most important precursors of the possible turmoil Iran may see. The monster of terrorism which has been spoon-fed by the Iranian regime since the beginning of the Syrian revolution is about to devour the hand that has been nurturing it. Therefore, Iran must reconsider its policies in the region through the rebuilding of trust with the Arab world." (Source: Syrian Coalition)

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