Syrian Coalition Calls for Measures under Chapter VII Following Yesterday’s Chemical Attack on Moadamiya

In response to the chemical weapon attack by the Assad regime against the district of Moadamiya near Damascus yesterday, the Syrian Coalition called upon the UN Security Council to condemn this crime and to take measures under Chapter VII in order to deter the Assad regime and protect civilians in accordance with UN Security Council resolution 2118.

“In a new act of defiance against and a complete mockery of UN Security Council resolutions, and amid renewed push by the UN Security Council to find a political solution in Syria, the Assad regime and its Russian allies once again resorted to the use of internationally prohibited weapons against Syrian civilians,” a statement issued by the Syrian Coalition said today.

Yesterday, regime forces targeted Moadamiya with sarin-filled shells, killing ten people, including women and children, and injuring over 30 others.

“While the Syrian Coalition strongly condemns this crime, it denounces the international community’s silence over this heinous act. This continued silence is seen by Assad as a green light to commit more crimes against the Syrian people,” the Coalition said.

“Yesterday’s chemical weapon attack on Moadamiya represented yet a new violation of UN Security Council resolutions 2118, 2209, and 2254,” the statement added.

“The crimes committed by Assad with the backing of Russia and Iran against the Syrian people are the root cause behind the spread of terrorism in the region. Any political approach that does not achieve justice for the victims in Syria is doomed to fail,” the Coalition said.

The Syrian Coalition underlined that the crimes committed by Assad and his backers must not be condoned under the pretext of fighting terrorism; which is a direct result of the Assad terrorism and tyranny. “To defeat terrorism and put an end the foreign invasion in Syria, the Syrian people need international support in their battle for freedom,” the statement issued by the Coalition earlier today said. (Source: Syrian Coalition)

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