Wednesday, 10 October 2018 20:42

Syrian Coalition Delegation Tours Demilitarized Zone in Idlib

President of the Syrian Coalition Abdurrahman Mustafa on Tuesday arrived in northern Syria to visit the demilitarized zone which was established under the Idlib agreement. President Mustafa was accompanied by Secretary General Nazir al-Hakim, Spokesman Anas al-Abdah, and other Coalition members.

President Mustafa stressed that the frontlines with the Assad regime forces and the Iranian terrorist militias did not change nor did they fall back. He explained that only heavy weapons were withdrawn from the demilitarized zone as sides to the agreement can retain their medium and light weapons.

President Mustafa pointed out that he reviewed maps showing the location and boundaries of the buffer zone along with FSA commanders. He said: "We are closely following the situation on the ground, especially the suffering of the civilian population resulting from lack of essential services."

President Mustafa also held several meetings with heads of local councils in the provinces of Hama, Aleppo and Idlib as well as with civil society groups to discuss the challenges facing the region, most importantly ensuring the continued work of local councils in the liberated areas and the provision of services to the civilian population.

Moreover, President Mustafa pointed out that the Coalition and its institutions are seeking to benefit from the Idlib agreement in order to consolidate the civil administration and restart the work of service and administrative institutions. “We are seeking to come closer to the social base of the revolution using all possible means."

“We have a responsibility to provide services and ensure a decent life for civilians in the liberated areas after the implementation of the Idlib agreement which was internationally welcomed as it averted a possible military offensive against civilians in the region.”

He pointed out that the Coalition is taking another action at the political level to benefit from the agreement. He emphasized that this action must open that door to the reinvigoration of the political process to find a comprehensive political solution that meets the Syrian people’s demands for freedom and justice. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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