Syrian Coalition: Nasrallah’s Statements Reflect a State Of Confusion

Mohammed Yahya Maktabi, member of the political committee, said that Nasrallah’s statements reflect a state of confusion as a result of the high death toll suffered by Hezbollah from the pressure on the party from its social base. Maktabi also said that Hezbollah’s fighting capabilities has considerably deteriorated as a result of the high losses it suffered in Syria. Maktabi’s remarks came in response to statements made by Nasrallah to Al Safeer newspaper, in which he said that “the Assad regime is no longer in danger of being toppled and the risk of the country being divided has passed.” Maktabi stresses that “Nasrallah is trying to boost the morale of its fighters following the high death toll suffered by the party. The regime’s importing of Iraqi militiamen recently is an indicator of the regime and Hezbollah’s weakened capabilities, amid reports also of direct Iranian intervention to assist in the restructuring of Hezbollah as a result of the high losses it suffered.” Moreover, Maktabi described Nasrallah’s statements as an attempt to “find a way out of his party’s involvement after he realized that there is no military resolution in Syria. It seems that Nasrallah is trying to pave the way for proposing new ideas for a political solution. However, this proposal will come as a result of the heavy price the party has paid in Syria and especially in the coastal front and Yabroud. (Source: Syrian Coalition)