Tuesday, 24 June 2014 16:11

Syrian Coalition: Obama's Remarks Cast Greater Responsibility on his Administration

Hadi Al Bahra, secretary of the political committee, said that the U.S. President Barack Obama’s remarks made recently during an interview with CBS television were meant to respond to the criticism of his approach in dealing with the Syrian crisis. “The expansion of cross-border extremism is a result of the reluctance of our friendly countries, including the United States, to give sufficient support for the Syrian people and the mainstream rebels to curb the rise of extremist groups and terrorist organizations that are being imported from Syria’s neighboring countries. The latest objection to President Obama’s policies on Syria came from Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee of the U.S. Congress, who called on President Obama to either directly intervene in Syria to stop the crimes committed against the Syrian people, or to provide the moderate Syrian rebels with weapons to defend civilians. President Obama’s remarks, that moderate Syrian rebels cannot defeat Assad or the extremist groups, highlights the need to support the moderate forces and empowering them to defend the Syrian people and force Bashar al-Assad to seriously engage in a political process.” Furthermore, Al Bahra stresses that the Obama’s administration reluctance to empower the mainstream Syrian rebels gave rise to the extremist groups. In response to Obama’s remarks that a rebel force made up of dentists and farmers cannot defeat Assad or the extremist groups, Al Bahra said that the Assad regime imposes compulsory military service on all Syrian youth, which means that the majority of Syrian men and young people have received military training. “The Syrian people possess unshakeable will, which is far more effective than weapons. History has taught us that many revolutions were victorious even with limited capabilities. The excuse made by President Obama does not exempt him from the responsibility to support the Syrian people politically, legally and diplomatically measures to end the bloodshed in Syria. We call on Preisent Obama to fulfill what has been agreed upon with the Syrian Coalition during its recent visit to the United States, as we are confident that his latest remarks do not mean repudiation of supporting the moderate Syrian opposition in the future.” Al Bahra concluded his remarks stressing that President Obama has pledged to support the Syrian moderate rebels during the meeting with a delegation of the Syrian Coalition. (Source: Syrian Coalition)

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