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Thursday, 25 September 2014 10:47

Syrian Coalition: Regime Forces’ Use of Toxic Gases in Adra Must Not Go Unpunished

The Syrian Coalition condemns the Assad regime’s use of toxic gases in the town of Adra near Damascus, reiterating calls on the international coalition to conduct military strikes against the Assad regime’s strongholds and ISIS alike. “The terrorism practiced by the Assad regime against children and women outweighs all terrorist threats that might face the international community,” Nasr al Hariri said in a press statement released today. "While the international coalition is conducting strikes against ISIS targets, the Assad regime, the real source of terrorism, continue unchecked to target unarmed civilians, using conventional and non-conventional weapons.” According to activists, regime forces targeted the town of Adra near Damascus with the chlorine gas, killing at least eight people and injuring 50 including children, who showed signs of suffocation. Regime forces has been besieging the town for eights months, after many attempts failed to capture the strategic town. The chlorine gas attacks violated the UN Security Council Resolution No.2118, which bans the use of chemical weapons and poison gases. The Syrian Coalition has already warned that the Assad regime may exploit the international anti-ISIS campaign to step up military operations and commit more massacres. (Source: Syrian Coalition)