Thursday, 09 August 2018 17:24

Syrian Coalition: Russian Guarantees to Rein in Assad Regime are Worthless

An official in the Syrian Coalition stressed that the violations being committed by the Assad regime against civilians in the areas that saw the imposition of forced so-called ‘reconciliation’ deals confirmed the falsity of the Russian allegations about providing guarantees to the Syrian opposition and refugees to return to the country.

Secretary of the Coalition’s political committee Riad al-Hassan said that the Assad regime’s repeated violations against civilians in the areas which recently fell under its control have revealed the dark side of the Russia role in Syria. These atrocities cast serious doubts about Russia’s ability to rein in the Assad regime forces and their allied foreign militias.

“The Syrian people have bad experiences with the Assad regime which betrayed all the pledges it made and took revenge against its opponents. No one has confidence in the Assad regime. Since its military intervention in Syria, Moscow has been trying to convince the international community that it is in control of the situation in the country,” Hassan said.

Hassan went on to say that “the Assad regime is procrastinating and seeking to gain more time. The regime will also reject all Russian demands in the future, which could lead to the total collapse of the political process and expose the lives of millions of Syrians to the danger of death, torture and detention.”

According to Smart News Network, the Assad regime arrested five young people in the town of Ghanto in northern rural Homs on Wednesday, a few days after regime forces executed military doctor Mu'taz Hteitani who existed eastern Ghouta via one of the so-called “safe passages” that Russian offered to civilians trapped inside the Damascus suburb.

Similar arrests targeted dozens of young people in the town of Da'al and al-Lajat area in rural Dara’a. Regime forces also looted civilian homes in rural Dara’a as residents of the province expressed for of reprisals by the Assad regime. (Source: Syrian Coalitions’ Media Department)

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