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Friday, 24 January 2020 21:26

Syrian Coalition: Suspension of Aid for Education is Tantamount to Assad’s Attacks on Schools

The Syrian National Coalition warned of the serious dangers of the suspension of international aid for the education sector in Syria in a press release issued on the occasion of the International Day of Education.

The Coalition said that the education sector has suffered a huge blow after international organizations suspended support last year. The suspension of aid led to the disruption of the majority of the programs that were funded by SIG’s Ministry of Education. Many teachers are now working as volunteers.

The Coalition called on the world to assume its responsibilities with regard to supporting education in Syria as it warned of the dangers the suspension of international support for this sector pose to the future of the region and beyond.

“The suspension of support for the education sector and the disruption of the educational process is a catastrophe whose effects are as destructive as the Assad regime’s targeting of schools with the goal of depriving the Syrian people of education thus ruining their future,” said the Coalition.

The Coalition called for reconsidering these measures and immediately resuming support for education programs to cover all age groups. 

Moreover, the Coalition pointed out that education services are still not available in some IDP camps. It noted that schoolchildren have to travel several kilometers on foot to get to their schools at considerable risks to themselves.

There are 1,193 schools in Idlib province providing education to 399,660 students. Nearly 250,000 children do not receive any education. No fewer than 268 schools were put out of service as a result of the regime’s breaches of the de-escalation zone agreement.

Throughout 2019, the Assad regime forces targeted 77 schools in Idlib province, bringing the number of schools completely destroyed or damaged to at least 126 schools. In addition, there are 20 schools that are occupied by IDP. (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)