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Sunday, 15 June 2014 14:34

Syrian Coalition Warns of Iran's Settlement Projects in Syria

Nasser al-Hariri, member of the political committee, warns of Iran’s settlement projects in Syria, after an Iranian TV channel quoted the Iranian Minister of Labor as saying that “the Iranian companies have the potential to contribute to the reconstruction of Syria, and to provide vocational training for the Syrian workforce." Hariri stresses that “Syria is currently fully occupied by the Iranians, and the reconstruction projects the Iranians are talking about are actually settlement projects aimed at changing the demographic landscape in some parts of Syria. The Iranian regime, which has been backing Assad in his genocidal campaign against the Syrian people, cannot whatsoever be part of the group of countries that will contribute to the reconstruction of Syria. Despite all the devastation caused by the Assad regime, the Syrian people will spare no effort to build a new and a free Syria.” Hariri concluded his remarks stressing that the Iranian government should submit those “reconstruction” projects to Iran’s Ayatollahs to approve it instead of Assad, who is no more than pawn in the hands of Iran’s terrorist militias.” (Source: Syrian Coalition)