Thursday, 10 July 2014 11:52

Syrian Coalition’s New Leadership: We will spare no Effort to Serve the Revolution

The General Assembly of the Syrian Coalition elected Hadi al-Bahra as president of the Coalition, Mohammed Qaddah, Nora al-Ameer and Abdul Hakim Bashar as his deputies, and Nasr al-Hariri as Secretary General. Al Ameer vows that “we will spare no effort to support the Syrian people politically, legally and militarily in their battle against the Assad regime. We will also strengthen the relationship between the people and political figures of the revolution to protect it from the regime’s attempts to undermine it and to sow division among the Syrian people." Al Ameer also said that “we will activate the role of women in the political field so as to restore their rights which were usurped by the Assad regime, which has marginalized women and assigned them meaningless positions in its government.” Mohammed Qaddah, Vice President of the Syrian Coalition, said that "our top priority will be the restoration of the political relationship with the revolutionary movement, as the legitimacy of any political bloc is achieved through the support it receive from the grassroots movement. Furthermore, we will carry out projects in the next phase to provide adequate support to the Syrian refugees in neighboring countries." Qaddah also said that “we will work on consolidation of the Syrian Coalition relations with the international players to achieve total reconciliation with revolutionary movement and the international powers, and also to unite all our political efforts that seek to help topple the Assad regime. (Source: Syrian Coalition)

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