Friday, 01 August 2014 11:19

Syrian Interim Government: Assad is the Sole Buyer of ISIS’s Oil

Elias Warda, interim Energy Minister, said that the Assad regime is the sole buyer of the oil produced by the extremist groups that control of the oil fields in eastern Syria. “The Assad regime is violating the UN Security Council resolution that bans the purchase of oil from the extremist groups, thus Assad is actively providing support for these groups. Assad’s buying of oil from ISIS is not prompted only by geopolitical or geographical reasons that make him the sole bidder for ISIS’s oil, but it was more the outcome of secret treaties signed by the two sides as part of the mutual benefit policy that dominates the relationship between the Assad regime and ISIS. By buying oil from ISIS, the Assad regime is actually returning the favor to ISIS which was allowed to seize control of the oil fields to deny them to the Syrian rebels after regime forces withdrew from eastern Syria.” Warda also points out that the capture of these oil fields by Syrian rebels would pose real threat to the Assad regime, as this would grant them economic independence, which in turn means political independence, a scenario that would directly endanger the interests of the Assad regime and his allies.”  Moreover, Warda raises doubts the Russian move in the UN Security Council to pass a resolution that bans the oil trade with extremist groups in Syria. “I doubt that this UN resolution mainly targets ISIS, as they sell oil only to the Assad regime. We are afraid that this is a pre-emptive move aimed at preventing the activation of the European decision made in 2013 that gave the Syrian Coalition the right to export oil from oil fields in the rebel-held areas. Unfortunately, The international community is does not help us develop such oil projects that we badly need to overcome the financial obstacles that are facing the revolutionary movement.”

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